Who Am I?

Someone Driven By Influence

Who Am I?

Over 15 years ago Ahmad Bryant determined he was going to dedicate and invest his life in the lives of others. He discovered his passion for the human services field while in college participating in a non-pay internship at a local behavioral health agency.Ahmad was inherently able to relate to clients in the programs, which gained their trust and respect and made him phenomenal at crisis intervention and behavioral de-escalation.

He went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Human Service as well as acquire a myriad of certifications to include becoming a Board Certified Addictions Professional in 2009.

In the beginning, Ahmad did not fully realize nor recognize that it was the direct and indirect influences in his life that contributed to this God given gift that his colleagues’ admired so much.

In late February 2014, crisis hit home for Ahmad when he was arrested for driving under the influence. The arrest stemmed from a poor choice but more importantly from a host of underlying issues to include depression, alcohol abuse, and self-care that he was failing to address.

Being a professional in the field of addiction, and serving as an organizational leader, Ahmad had to self-evaluate and put things into perspective.

He accepted the responsibilities of his actions by entering and completing a rigorous program for first-time DUI offenders.While participating in the program Ahmad vowed to bring awareness to the core issues associated with alcohol and/or substance abuse and the bearing it has on making good choices.

Especially, for professionals who work tirelessly with individuals and families that are in crises. He now promotes self-care for individuals working in human services- who are in most cases, over-worked and under paid.

In 2017 Mr. Bryant Founded Bryant DUI & Highway Safety Institute a non-profit organization geared toward prevention and intervention of DUIs.He is the self-published author of “Driven by Influence” an autobiography about the perception of alcoholism in the black community.

It is definitely apparent that Ahmad’s work is never done!