Ahmad Bryant DUI

Driven By Influence

Who We Are

We are an advocacy group that provides education and awareness about the issues and consequences related to Driving Under the Influence. Our organization is non-profit, we do business under the name Bryant DUI & Highway Safety Institute. Ahmad Bryant, our Founder & Chairman personally finances the operation and maintenance of this site.

What We Do

We do it to educate others about the underlying issues associated with making poor choices and the consequences as a result. We place emphasis on the reality that consequences may extend beyond you as the individual.

Why We Do It

We focus on adolescents and college students as our target audience for prevention. We also encourage partygoers to party responsibly. Our goal through awareness and mentorship is to identify risk factors for substance abuse and/or poor decision-making, then address issues accordingly through counseling. We also provide intervention for individuals who have become DUI offenders through counseling referral.

DUI. My Personal Account

After getting a DUI several years ago I was inspired and motivated to tell my very relatable story in this book.

DUI. Advocate & Proactivist

My experience with DUI has demonstrated to me a deeper need to invest more of my time with others.

DUI. Prevent & Intervent

Driven by Influence was written with the sole purpose of aiding in the prevention & intervention of DUI.

DUI  in the press

Everybody makes mistakes! More common than not when a celebrity gets arrested for a DUI it is still shocking to say the least- and the media goes wild!.

there was no evidence of increased crash risk in drivers with with THC levels equal to or greater than 5ng/mL.

A DUI conviction, like any criminal charge, will follow you for the rest of your life if the revocation of your driver’s license remains on your driving record.